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For individuals

  • Coordination with physicians to ensure medications are correct

  • Access to personalized patient care coordinator

  • Ease of medication use when traveling or away from home

For Families

  • School boxes are available if medication is needed during school hours

  • Ensures correct medication on the correct day at the correct time

  • Frees up family time for other activities

For Facilities

  • Medications for all residents filled at the same time

  • Coordination with pharmacy for medication changes

  • Easier monitoring of scheduled medications/controlled substances

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Do you ever wish you could spend less time setting up your medications for the week? How about less time worrying that you missed or doubled a dose?

You aren't alone.

We understand this hassle. That’s why we offer MED Manager, an easier way to manage your prescriptions. This program is for anyone who would like to decrease the time and energy spent managing medications.


It's especially ideal for those who:

  • Take four or more prescriptions per day

  • Have children on multiple medications (talk to us about our School Boxes!)

  • Travel and want to eliminate packing pill bottles or a pill keeper

  • Live in group homes and facilities

Best of all, MED Manager is offered for FREE; you only pay the price of the medications, as you would with any pharmacy.

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why Choose
med manager?

Medication adherence can affect quality and length of life, health outcomes, and overall healthcare costs. Failing to take medications as prescribed is as dangerous and as costly as many illnesses. But knowing the importance of sticking to a medication regimen and actually managing the regimen are very different things.

If you or a loved one is taking multiple medications every day or spending hours sorting pills and setting reminders each week, MED Manager is a great option for you. Your meds will be sorted into individual easy-to-tear packs, and each pack is clearly labeled with the date and time that the dose should be taken, as well as all the medications that are included.

We package your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins into a convenient dispensing box and delivered to your home each month! If you take medications that cannot be packaged (such as insulin or inhalers), we will deliver those with the box.

Our MED Manager program isn’t just filling and sorting your prescriptions; we consult with you and your doctors regularly for medication changes and refills. We are here for you with any medication questions, too. All new patients are assigned a patient care coordinator, so you talk with the same person every month.

Are some medications filled somewhere else? No problem! We can take care of getting them transferred, so that all prescriptions are filled, sorted, and ready for you each month.

MED Manager strip packaging
single MED Manager pack
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No more missed Meds

talk about convenience!



We come to you

You will meet with our MED Manager specialist, even in the comfort of your own home, to walk you through the entire setup process including refill synchronization.

Receive Your Box

We will provide your box with a strip of medication packages for 28 days, ordered by date and time of day. When it’s time to take your medications, simply tear off the next package and confirm the day and time. If you miss a dose, you’ll know right away. No more stress or worry about missed medications!

We do the Rest

Before your next order, your Patient Care Coordinator will check in with you to see if you have any medication changes and confirm you’re on schedule with your doses. When needed, we’ll call your doctor for refills or work with your insurance company to make life easier for you.



When you sign up with Med Manager, you're automatically eligible for free monthly delivery! We offer home delivery for the following cities:


Ark City


Bel Aire

Belle Plaine




El Dorado





Mt. Hope



Park City




Valley Center




If you don't live in any of the cities listed above, we'll mail your Med Manager box to you for free!

Ready to Transfer your Meds?

med manager is helping communities across kansas!

We love being able to bring the convenience and care of MED Manager to individuals throughout the state. No matter the distance, we'll always make sure your meds are delivered to you on time each month.

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