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As a medical professional, you want to be sure your patients take the medications you prescribe as intended. Medical adherence matters. MED Manager is our medication compliance packaging solution using strip packaging for prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements. And you know, if prescriptions are misused, the end result may be an unhealthy patient who requires even more care. With MED Manager, that can be avoided.
MED Manager transfers your patient's prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins, and organizes them into pre-sorted packets clearly marked with the date and time they should be taken. The entire month's supply is delivered to your patient's home in our convenient dispensing box for maximum medication compliance.
MED Manager offers our Med Packs, a revolutionary adherence assistance service brought to you by Golden Plains Pharmacy, a division of Cooper Drug Store. MED Manager allows us to do the work for your patients so that they can take the correct amount of medication you intended.



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