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Family Caregivers

We understand that caring for a family member can be stressful, time-consuming and a daily challenge. That is one of the reasons we now offer MED Manager: to help caregivers simplify their loved one's prescription drug needs and to alleviate the constant worry of over- or under-medication. MED Manager is our medication strip packaging solution for medication adherence.
Our MED Manager team of pharmacists will review your loved one's entire medication profile to ensure proper drug therapy, maximum cost-savings and accurate dosing based on your doctor's orders. Our pharmacists will contact you, your loved one, your loved one's physician or even insurance company to provide the best pharmaceutical plan of care possible. All medication is then placed in properly dosed medication strip packaging.
Our MED Manager pharmacists are readily available to provide consultation and oversight of your loved one's prescription care. In addition, our MED Manager patient care coordinators call our patients (as well as physicians and/or caregivers) once a month to ensure accurate and up-to-date prescription information. Our team provides regular oversight of a patient's pharmaceutical care.

Professional Caregivers

With MED Manager, residential home staff, foster parents and home health care providers can simplify medication management. We work with home health agencies to support in home medication use. For homes with multiple residents we ‘sync’ all medication delivery so there are not constant trips to the pharmacy.  
For more information, contact Golden Plains, a division of Cooper Drug Store, at 316.775.5210. Let MED Manager simplify your daily operations and insure medication adherence for those under your care.

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