Cooper Drug Store is Locally Owned

Cooper Drug Store BuildingSince 1922, Cooper Drug Store has been locally-owned and operated pharmacy in Downtown Augusta, Kansas. Now 89 years later, Cooper Drug is the only locally-owned and operated pharmacy in Augusta. While we know many have chosen chain pharmacies to meet their prescription drug needs, we believe that the level of service at Cooper Drug has made all the difference through nearly nine decades.

Cooper Drug offers many services other pharmacies do not such as free local delivery. In addition, Cooper Drug now houses Cooper Gifts and Cooper Home Medical Supplies. That means you are able to pick up your prescriptions, shop for gifts and find the home medical supplies you need... under one roof.

The medicine may be the same as other pharmacies but the service absolutely isn't. Experience the Cooper Drug way of doing business and you'll be amazed by the difference.

Medicine Flavoring Station

With our special bitterness suppressor, sweetening enhancer, and a blend of natural and artificial flavors, our pharmacists will add a little fun to the process of getting better while masking the unpleasant taste that normally discourages your child from taking medicine. One important thing to keep in mind. While our kid-approved flavors will help the medicine go down, there’s no mistaking them for candy. That means you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child will still understand the difference between better-tasting, enhanced medicines and real sweet treats.

Cooper Retro Gifts

In "the good 'ol days," the local drug store was a hub for candy, gifts, and a place to chat with friends and neighbors. Those days are back, stop on in!

Cooper is a Medication Disposal Location

If you have old or unused medications, drop them by Cooper Drug Store, and we'll properly dispose of them for you. Unfortunately, we cannot accept narcotics.