Who’s With Me in 2013?

Tuesday, January 1 2013 3:20 PM - by Brett Kappelmann

What are your New Year’s resolutions?  I for one have joined the masses and have decided to shed a few pounds this year.  Not that I luckily have too far to go.  It is just that December was not very good to me.  My wife is a great cook and loves to make cookies and other yummy treats around the holidays.   For the most part of 2012, though, I fortunately worked my weight down to where I was at in college!  How, you might ask?

It started last summer.  Our store manager, Carla Hess, came up with the terrific idea to start stocking health and wellness supplements like what are presented on the Dr. Oz show.    If Dr. Oz touts the benefits of a health and wellness supplement on his show, then we would try to find a like product and stock it for our customers’ convenience.  It is then that I discovered health and wellness products like Raspberry Ketones, Relora, African Mango, and, Green Coffee Bean, just to name a few.  These new products fit in perfectly with our Advocare health and wellness line of products that we also carry.

We not only started stocking the products for our customers, I started trying the supplements myself to see if they might help me drop a few pounds.  Along with making a few changes in my diet with help from a Bob Harper book entitled “The Skinny Rules,” the pounds started to drop more than they had in years!  I felt great, had tons of energy, and even was able to chase my rambunctious young sons around without needing a break.  By the latter part of 2012 (before December hit), my weight was even below what I weighed during my last year of college.

If you decide that you would like to try a health and wellness supplement but do not know which would be the best option for you, come see me.  Every supplement is not right for every person, but I can help you narrow down your options.  I also advise my customers that health supplements will not work magic on their own, but can definitely serve as your friendly companion in reaching your goals as long as you do not neglect other important components of living a healthy life, such as diet, sleep, and exercise.

Carla has worked hard to find products from reputable companies that are both high quality and very reasonably priced.  Most of our health and wellness supplements range in price from only fifteen to twenty-five dollars for a month supply, unlike those so called “miracle” supplements that you would see on an infomercial or the internet that often cost fifty dollars a month or more. 

So I am sharing my story with you in hopes that 2013 might be a year in which you too might become inspired to get more out of life by regaining control of your health.  For me, some sound diet and nutrition advice along with the aid of some health and wellness supplements helped me regain control.  What will help you regain control?  Only you can answer that.  Sure, I took a break in December, but have just replenished my supply of Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketones and am ready to get going again in 2013.  Let Cooper Drug Store partner with you in 2013 to improve your health.  Who’s with me?