Inspiration Leads to New Program at Cooper Drug Store That Revolutionizes How We CARE for the August

Thursday, July 14 2011 3:10 PM - by Brett Kappelmann

Last fall my father, Cletus, ended up in the hospital for a few weeks.  His heart came out of rhythm that caused his internal defibrillator to unnecessarily shock him multiple times overnight.    That episode left him very weak.  He couldn’t even stand up on his own, let alone walk. 

At that time I was very scared on so many different levels.  As the only sibling that still lives in Augusta, I knew that I was going to temporarily put on the hat of caregiver to my father at least until I had time to set up with a home health agency in order to rehabilitate my dad to the point where he could care for himself on his own again.

I did not know it at the time, but at that moment a seed was planted that would shape my vision for the future of Cooper Drug Store with regards to how we care for the Augusta community.  This inspiration grew into a program that I am so excited to announce today.  I am proud to announce a new program, SyncRx, to the Augusta community.  Let me explain how SyncRx came to be.

One of the roles I played during that short time was medication administrator to my dad.  Dad takes quite a few meds.  For a few days I was stopping by two to three times a day to help him organize and take his medicine.  While I was more than willing to help during the transition time, I worried about the future.  I also wear the hats of husband, father of three boys six and under, and small business owner.

I have so much respect for people that face the challenges of being on multiple medications.  As both a caregiver to my father and independent pharmacy owner, I understand those challenges in a unique way.  Those challenges include (just to name a few): multiple calls and coordinating multiple visits to the pharmacy, multiple visits to the doctor, enlisting a caregiver or maintenance system to manage their medications, keeping up-to-date medication and allergy lists readily available in case of an emergency, and developing a system to remember taking medications.

I began asking myself, what if Cooper Drug Store could partner with those of you in our community with these unique challenges to improve the quality of your life?  What if we could reduce the inconvenience of multiple trips and calls to the pharmacy each month? What if we kept track of your medications and set up a specific time each month when we would guarantee that everything would be 100 percent ready…no partial fills, pending insurance problems or pending refill requests to the doctor. Instead of you having to remember to call us when you are running low of your medications, how refreshing would it be if we took the stress and anxiety off of your shoulders by keeping track for you?  What if we could put systems in place that would assure that you would never forget to take your medications?  What if we kept track of everything regarding your medicine and let you focus on what your priorities should be, such as your grandchildren or going on walks with your spouse? 

We have answered all of these questions with the SyncRx program.  Perhaps you think this sounds almost too good to be true.  But in reality similar programs are being developed in other communities, and we are delighted to be the first pharmacy in our area to offer such a program.   I have even gone as far as to consult with other pharmacy owners in other communities who are off and running with similar programs, just to make sure we do it RIGHT the first time.  And better yet…it is FREE!  You only have to be on four or more maintenance medications each month to qualify for the program.  It all started with a seed planted last fall from an unfortunate event.  That seed has today blossomed into a wonderful program called SyncRx.  Let us partner with you in order to improve your quality of life.  Give us a call at 775-2289 and ask for me or one of our SyncRx specialists so we can explain the program in more detail.  It is our goal to give you the break that you or your loved one deserves.  Please let us take some stress off of you.  Sign up for SyncRx today.  And by the way, my dad, who is doing great now, was one of the very first individuals that signed up for the program!