Important News about Annual Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period

Friday, August 26 2011 3:08 PM - by Brett Kappelmann

I know that it is only August, but I want to let you know about an important change in the Medicare Part D open enrollment period as we begin to look ahead to 2012.  The enrollment period for 2012 Part D Plans will begin on October 15, 2011 and end on December 7, 2011. This is a change from years past when you were able to enroll between November 15 and December 31.

I foresee this causing many problems and frustrations among seniors this year.  Each year seniors face the dilemma on whether they should consider switching into a different plan or stay in their current plan during the open enrollment period.  There are so many factors that play into this decision that oftentimes deciding to switch to a new Medicare Part D plan happens at the latter part of the open enrollment period, rather than the first part.  If a senior is not aware of this change in the enrollment period and waits until the latter part of December to make a decision, then unfortunately it will be too late.

I urge you to start preparing as soon as the 2012 plan data is released.  As soon as I hear the 2012 plan information is out, I will post a message on Cooper Drug’s facebook page, or you can just give us a call from time to time for an update.  I will again be conducting Medicare Part D analyses free of charge for our current Cooper Drug customers upon request.  New Cooper Drug customers are also included in this service, and with the overwhelming success of our recently released programs such as SyncRx and our free “Sweet Spot” diabetes educational classes, now is the perfect time to see how Cooper Drug can partner with you to improve your health (and budget).  Last year we performed over 150 analyses for our customers and saved on average hundreds of dollars to seniors that switched to new Medicare Part D plans!

To try to put a positive spin on this change, at least at the latter part of December we will have visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads, rather than premiums, deductibles, and enrollment deadlines.