2011 in Review: A Year of Dramatic Change at Cooper Drug Store

Thursday, January 12 2012 3:16 PM - by Brett Kappelmann

2011 has come and gone like a whirlwind.  It was a year that saw dramatic change in our business model.  New services.  New products.  A new and reenergized passion for striving to not only meet but exceed  the needs and expectations of our customers.  As the first column for 2012, I find it timely to briefly review the wonderful changes that took place in 2011 at your hometown pharmacy.

We began the year by saying goodbye (well, sort of) to our gift manager, Tiffany Gillespie, as she embarked on an exciting journey of fulfilling her dream of owning and operating her own boutique.  I say “sort of” because Tiffany is still with us as our merchandiser and her shop is just a few buildings down the block.  We also said goodbye to two more from our Cooper Drug Store family in 2011 to retirement, Sharon McKinney, our DME manager, and Bob Thissen, our beloved delivery driver.   A few months later we welcomed Carla Hess as our new store manager bringing a new level of energy and enthusiasm to our team.

The Sweet Spot.  In the spring we introduced our community to the “Sweet Spot”, a free monthly educational class designed to educate and support those affected by diabetes.  The class was a hit from the start!  We have gone over various topics such as diabetic complications, diet, exercise, insulin, and more.  It’s not just educational, it’s fun!  The class participates by sharing their individual stories and struggles with the disease.  I often tell the group that I learn as much from them as they do from us.    Perhaps the highlight was inviting our local optometrist, Dr. Crum, to speak at our class back in October about how the disease affects the eyes.  We have a full curriculum prepared for 2012 and look forward to seeing some new faces.  We meet on the third Thursday of the month at 11am.  Light refreshments are served and you do not have to be a prescription customer at Cooper Drug Store to attend.

SyncRx.  In the summer we introduced perhaps the most successful of all of our new services, SyncRx.  Sync Rx, another free service for qualifying customers, was designed especially to decrease stress and free up time for the customer with multiple medical conditions on multiple maintenance medications.  SyncRx participants enjoy less visits and calls to the pharmacy.  Our SyncRx specialists play the role of caregiver by keeping track of when to refill medications and then preparing the medications proactively by a set of procedures to ensure that you receive all you need when you need it, in just one trip (or delivery).  That is just the beginning of the features that SyncRx has to offer.  We currently have 90 participants on SyncRx and are continuing to set up new participants almost daily.

The Care Card.  In the fall we introduced the Cooper Care Card, a prescription discount and loyalty program wrapped up into one convenient card.  Care Card participants enjoy receiving many generics for around 4 dollars a month, discounted brand-name drugs, and cash back at the register based upon purchases of both front end merchandise and prescriptions.  All this plus what I like to call the Cooper Drug difference, which includes our total service package (free delivery, free valuable services, etc.).

Immunizations.  Yes, you read that right.  Cooper Drug Store has begun administering immunizations to our customers.  We currently are only offering the shingles vaccine, but we plan to offer flu shots by next fall!

Extended free delivery times.  In the late fall we made perhaps our most popular free service even better:  we tripled our delivery service!  What I mean is that now by special request we can deliver your medications at either the noon hour or after 7pm.  Where there is a need by our customer base we are going to try to find a way to meet that need.

Other new services and products.  I can’t devote a paragraph for each and every new and valuable service or product we introduced last year so I thought I would just mention them here:  Free text/email-when-ready service, new Advocare health and wellness line, improved dental health line, new and improved diabetic shoe line known as Dr. Comfort, new line of lift chairs, a new cappuccino machine serving complimentary cappuccino and hot chocolate, a monthly newsletter known as the “Cooper Connection”, an improved automatic refill service, and more!

Hopefully you can see that we kept busy last year aimed at improving your experience at Cooper Drug Store.  Perhaps you are interested in learning more about one of the services mentioned above.  Please give us a call anytime (775-2289) during open hours and we would love the opportunity to further explain any of our services and answer any questions you might have.  You might wonder what is in store for 2012?  We have some more exciting plans in the works for this year.  Come experience the Cooper Drug difference and find out!