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"Nothing gives me more peace of mind than knowing my prescriptions are pre-packaged, dated as to when I take them and easy to open. I no longer have to fill weekly medication cases because everything is ready when I need it."

- Med Manager patient

No more waiting in pharmacy lines, worrying about prescription refills or organizing those cumbersome pill reminders. With a simple call to MED Manager, our team of pharmacists will coordinate your entire set-up. MED Manager is our medication strip packaging solution for medication adherence. After speaking with you, we will work with your existing pharmacy, your physician(s) and even your insurance company to ensure an accurate and "worry free" transition to our medication adherence program - right to your front door!

MED Manager transfers your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins, and organizes them into pre-sorted medication strip packaging clearly marked with the date and time they should be taken. Your entire month's supply is delivered to your home in our convenient dispensing box. Med Manager is perfect for you or a loved one who is constantly running to a pharmacy only to spend hours rummaging through multiple pill bottles or confusing pill reminders - never quite sure if everything is handled correctly.

MED Manager offers our Healthy Packs, a revolutionary adherence assistance service brought to you by Golden Plains Pharmacy, a division of Cooper Drug Store. MED Manager allows us to do the work for you so that you can take the correct amount of medication you need when you need to.

Do You Need MED Manager?

Unhappy Woman and Happy WomanWho benefits from MED Manager? Typically, patients who take four or more prescriptions per day who require additional adherence assistance. However, MED Manager is offered to all our patients free of charge. MED Manager medication strip packaging for medication compliance is for anyone how needs help taking medication on time.

One of the most beneficial elements of MED Manager is that all your scripts are pre-packed. Simply open the package according to date and time, take your prescriptions and be done!

MED Manager is also convenient! The Healthy Packs allow you to take the pack you need if you are on the go, traveling or won't be home when you typically take your medication. It makes medication adherence and compliance so much easier!

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